£30 can help us answer 24 more calls

from anxious parents seeking advice

Living with autism can be confusing, isolating and

frightening at times.

Our Autism Helpline gives impartial, confidential

information, advice and support when people need

it most.

£50 helps a person whose first language is

not English to get advice

Getting a diagnosis of autism can be extremely

stressful, especially if there’s no one around to

explain it to you in your own language.

We provide access to a telephone interpretation

service that provides information about autism

through interpreters in 150 different languages.

£200 helps provide a group of concerned

families with support

Families affected by autism can find everyday

events, like car journeys, mealtimes or shopping,


Our specialist family support advisors provide

information and advice to families in the UK

about living with autism.

£350 pays for expert legal advice for parents

struggling to get the right education for their


A good start in life helps a child with autism to

thrive and reach their full potential.

Our Education Rights Service guides parents

through the often complex education system to

secure the education their child needs.

£1,000 pays for play equipment for 50

children, helping them to develop life-long


Play is important for children with autism because

it encourages them to communicate and interact

with other children.

Our six specialist autism schools provide the very

best education and support for over 500 children

and young people every year.

£2,500 means that an adult with autism gets

the practical support they need to find and

keep a job

Only 15% of adults with autism are in full-time

employment, but most are willing and able to


Our Prospects employment service aims to give

people with autism the same training and

employment opportunities as other people.

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